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Three simple ideas for an affordable refresh

Friday, 13 September 2019  |  Admin

You want to refresh your home for Autumn and need that quick, affordable fix? Well, for many people revamping their home décor can seem pretty daunting, especially if it's something you haven't worked on in quite some time.
Here are three easy solutions to help you re-evaluate your space and give it a fresh look that will make an impact without going overboard and spending a small fortune.
Switch out Accessories
A great place to start is by swapping out pillows and adding new throws. For a small investment, we just love what a seemingly innocent throw pillow can do to a space. This is an easy way to incorporate a pop of color or to quickly update your look. For autumn and winter, opt for fresh colour fabrics in cotton and canvas. This is also a great time of year to lighten up and brighten up with pop colours and playful, whimsical graphic prints.

When restyling a surface, it's best to clear everything off and start with a blank canvas. Make new combinations of accessories you already own and then mix in some new pieces. Simple things like swapping out your coffee table books, adding small cache boxes, a pretty candle, decorative beads or even a small plant can do wonders.
Try a Fresh Coat of Paint
Introducing a whole new paint color into your room can seem overwhelming at first. Don’t let a little uncertainty deter you as nothing pays design dividends like a fresh coat of paint. You can also look beyond your four walls to your floors, ceiling, trim, cabinets and doors. Sometimes a single focal point of color is all it takes. 
Add Lots of Plants
By adding simple greenery to your room it can give your space new life (literally!) and a new look. Think of it as another design accent like an art object or textile that brings color, texture and needless to say, height into your space. It can fill negative design space with something light and unobtrusive.

There are many reasons we love plants especially for their ability to instantly add color and texture. These days there are many options for greenery in addition to the fiddle leaf. It's mostly about finding that unique plant that works well with the light (or lack thereof) in your space to give your room new life and a new look.

Happy Decorating!
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